Blue Roan Rivet

With reverse dapples 

Blue Roan Rivet With Reverse Dapples

I really like roans, especially the blue ones. I’d head lots of things about hair-by-hair roaning, and figured I might as well give it a try. I’d never painted a roan in my life, before this little fellow. In business, they call that “rapid prototyping,” and it’s basically how I live my life now.¬†

Fun fact: there’s not a particle of blue pigment on the finished horse. He was done using only black pastel, black oil paint, and a white charcoal pencil. The blue is just an illusion…


Details Include:

  • Extensive hair detailing
  • Reverse dapples
  • Glossed eyes and nostrils
  • Detailed hooves
  • Corn spots



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