Andalusian Mare

Dappled Buckskin Andalusian Mare

This mare was an adventure from start to finish! First of all, dapples take days, which is great for building patience. Second of all, I pastel over a soft, old towel, which is there to catch the dust but also, unfortunately, catches the dust. She got a few black smudges on her wonderful gold coat, which led to a few oddly colored patches as I tried to touch them up. The gist of a decent buckskin is there though Рyou gotta start somewhere! This is one of my favorite horse colors, and I plan to get really good at it someday. Baby steps.

Details Include:

  • Tons of dapples
  • A mapped blaze and snip
  • Glossed eyes, hooves, and nostrils



This picture was taken in a panic because the wind was blowing and I was afraid she was going to fall over. Please excuse the crookedness!

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