Chestnut Alborozo

The little guy, not the big one.

Chestnut Little Alby With Every Sock

I think this little guy really helped me take my work up a notch. Dallin got me a Dremel for Christmas, which was invaluable in de-horning this dude. Then, I looked at all sorts of reference pictures of dark chestnut horses and worked hard to match their color. It helps that there are chestnut horses just about everywhere in Wyoming, so even when I’m driving down the road I can do some horse-related research.

But anyway, this guy started life as a purple unicorn. Originally, he was going to be a gift for a friend, but when he arrived with nasty rubs and scuff marks all across his sides, I decided he was going to be custom fodder. His fate was sealed. I promptly ordered another one for my friend, de-horned this guy, and he was prepped and primed within two days. It turns out that Stablemates are so much quicker than Traditionals!

Details Include:

  • Four socks
  • A stripe
  • Glossed eyes, hooves, and nostrils
  • Mapped markings
  • No horn




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