This is the first custom I ever did. Let me tell you, it was a learning experience!

Dappled Liver Chestnut Wixom

I never appreciated how big this sculpture is until I had to cover her entire surface area with multiple layers of pastel dust. Add that to the fact that I really had no clue what I was doing and only had three colors to choose from, and this was a recipe for some fun times! In the end I was quite proud of the finished piece… but still had a nice list of things I would do better the next time. And that’s how it should go! One of the greatest thing about art (and many things) is the process of becoming better.


  • Dapples! Because why not try and slap some of those on your first custom, right?
  • Three socks
  • Some semblence of mapping
  • Glossed eyes, nostrils, and hooves
  • Hand painted blue tail ribbon